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SICK / Sistem Çözümleri / Kod okuma sistemleri

Compact housing Single-sided, omni-directional reading. Real-time auto focus function. Reliable code reading through SMART code.
The omni-directional OPS (Omni-Portal System) from SICK helps optimize logistics processes. As a complete, optimized system for identifying bar codes on goods and freight, it is ideal for state of the art logistics demands.
To make sure that your luggage gets sorted quickly and transferred to the correct destination, SICK offers ALIS a state of the art bar code reader and RFID system that is designed to identify IATA bar codes and/or RFID tags on airport luggage. 
The ICR880 vision system covers the high-end applications for linear and 2D code reading. The modular camera design includes an integrated illumination, focus control functionality and high-performance decoder.
The ICR890 is a CCD-based camera system that reads 1D and 2D bar codes used in high-performance sortation systems. It provides the highest available resolution and the best image quality on the market, resulting in better overall performance.


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