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Mounting brackets included in delivery. Visible red Bright Light LED. Cable or rotatable M12 connector.
Highly visible red light spot thanks to the BrightLight LED. Potentiometer for adjusting sensing range. Light/dark switching (DC devices only) Rotatable connector, cable connection or terminal chamber.
W280L-2 Long Range
WTT280L-2: sensing distance up to 4 m. WLT280L-2: sensing distance up to 18 m (expected to be available from October 2012). Complete background suppression: very small.

W280L-2 Long Range

Extremely robust metal housing for harsh industrial conditions. Universal voltage supply (DC and DC/AC devices). Options: front pane heating, soiling alarm.
Robust all-rounder, universal application for large ranges. Operation stability with ambient light and optical reflections. Extremely resistant against vibrations and effects of shocks.
"Plug & Play" of the photoelectric reflex sensors. Energetic proximity sensor
Very large scanning distances and very large ranges. Very robust housing with excellent resistance to chemicals. High degree of insensitivity to ambient light.
Metal housing for harsh industrial conditions and outside areas. High operating reserve at 100 m with through-beam photoelectric sensor.


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