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SICK / Enkoderler / Artımlı enkoder

Compact housing Durable, low-cost design Interfaces: Open collector NPN, TTL/RS-422 or HTL/push pull.
Incremental encoder with 3.5" diameter. Line count: 120 … 16.384 Choice of various electric interfaces: TTL / RS-422, HTL/push pull or open collector.
Complete, preassembled measuring system Measuring wheel with knurl or. O-ring for adaptation to the measuring surface. Mounting bracket made from anti-corrosive spring steel.
Rotatable spring arm for universal use. 300 mm wheel circumference with o-ring made from. NBR70 Mounting arm and measurement wheels made from aluminum.
Compact 2.0 inch housing. Number of lines up to 2,500. Blind hollow shaft with 3/8 inch or 1/2 inch available. Line driver or single-ended outputs available.
Robust incremental encoder in compact 2.5 inch housing. Number of lines up to 3,000. High-capacity ball bearings ideal for wheel applications. Wide range of mounting options. Economical design when high-end features are not required.
Compact housing Ø 2.0 inches. Number of lines up to 8,192 Up to 800 kHz frequency response. User-defined marker (Z) position


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