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SICK / Akışkan Sensörler / Seviye sensörleri

Independent of installation conditions due to TDR technology and coaxial probe design For oil- and water-based fluids, no recalibration if mixture changes or tank shape is altered!
Robust level monitoring in liquid media without additional requirements. Small, compact design, no medium calibration required. Process temperature up to 55 °C, process pressure up to 16 bar.
Non-contact level measurement up to 3.4 m operating distance / 8.0 m limit scanning distance. Pressure resistant up to 6 bar (87 psi). Transducer protected by PVDF cover for increased resistance.
Time-of-flight technology ensures high measurement accuracy. Color independent operation (even glass, liquids and transparent foils are detected)
The level probe LFH is a precise pressure transmitter for continuous level measurement. The liquid column above the probe creates a hydrostatic pressure which is a direct indicator for the liquid level. Through its permanently connected.
Measures almost all liquids. Precise and flexible measurement, particularly in small containers.
Simple operation startup and product change thanks to external teach input. Simple monitoring of target and actual values thanks to 2 x 4-place digital display.


Measurement range from 0.5 m up to 155 m on natural targets. Excellent accuracy thanks to time-of-flight measurement.
Measurement range 90 … 600 / 100 … 1.000 mm. Analogue output 4… 20 mA and 1 switching output. Good measuring accuracy.
HDDM - advanced time of flight technology Large measurement range 200 … 10 000 mm with good accuracy for versatile use. Analogue optional 4 … 20 mA or 0 ... 10 V and 1 switching output.
Measurement range: up to 5.300 mm Analogue output: 4… 20 mA. Customer specified, preprogrammed versions available for fast system integration.


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